View Workout Log History and Completion

  • 25 August 2020
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To view kids workout logs and daily activity, you can use the Web or the Staff App. Let's take a look at each:


View on Web:

1. Navigate to the Groups Page, and find the desired student



2. Select the drop down arrow shown to the far right of their name



2. Choose Log History



View on the App


1. Navigate to the "Activity" tab



2. Set your desired Date and Group(s)



3. View Results


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4 replies

Is there a way to reset a completed workout for a student?  A student was working on an educational assignment and accidentally “completed” the workout and now cannot access the video to answer the questions.

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Great question, @Adam.JSA !

There is no way to reset just one workout or assignment. This article shows you how students can reset an entire program.

Hi, my school district will be starting to use PLT4M this coming Monday for virtual learning.  Is there any way to get the same type of view on my laptop for the workout log history as I see on the App?  Basically on the App I can see what my entire class has completed in 1 click and view their timestamp, but on the computer I would have to click on each student to see their history (right?).  I am able to use the App to assess their time stamps, but the overall view would make it easier on the eyes on a larger screen (I hope this makes sense).   I could also use my larger Ipad as well.


Thanks for your help!


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Hi @Sara F. ! This does make sense. We are currently working on building the App capabilities (plus much more) into the dashboard on the Web, Check out a preview of that here!


In the meantime, using the App on your Ipad screen will likely provide the best view.