Activity: Export Training Details (including timestamps)

  • 16 February 2021
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The Activity tab provides insights into students workouts such as workout duration (how long did they spend working out?) and time of day (what time did they complete their workout?) See below for how to view these details.


To view individual student workout duration:

  1. Navigate to the Activity tab. Here, you’ll find summarizing data related to the day’s workout activity. To access individual details, click See All.


  1. On the Activity Breakdown page, adjust your view using the filters:
    • Use the tabs along the top to adjust your view to display Day, Week, or Monthly activity.
    • Use the Date filter to input a particular date or date range. 
    • Use the Group filter to view data for a certain Group. 
    • Use the Program filter to only view activity completed within a certain program.


  1. Once your filters are set, select “Export to CSV.” 

**Please note: you can view most details on the Activity Breakdown page (individual workouts logged, exercise completion, and timestamps) without exporting, but the export will provide an even more detailed view, including time of day. 


  1. The export will be available to download as a .csv file to your computer. Once you open the .csv file, be sure to adjust the Start time/End time columns to display in the “Time” format.




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