Virtual Classroom Teaching Methods

  • 2 October 2020
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Are you hosting synchronous classrooms, or are kids doing workouts on their own? Perhaps a blend of the two? Are cameras on or off? We want to hear all about it! Share what methods have worked for you; perhaps it will spark ideas for other teachers in the PLT4M Community! 

2 replies

I teach 6 Zoom classes 3 times a week for 55 minutes a class.  I’m teaching FIT 101 and on the first meeting of the week I usually preview the lesson by screen sharing in Zoom so I can highlight activities so they are ready with necessary equipment  and a clear understanding of what will be expected.  I encourage students to practice the points of performance before class.  I emphasize not to click done for each step because we will do it as a class. 

The second class of the week I have the students sign into PLT4M while I take roll and then we get busy with students reading the introduction.  We then watch the instructional video and do the activity, when done I have them click the done button and we move on.  As we go through the lesson together, I make it mandatory that their video is on so I can witness their effort and participation giving them 10 points a class for full participation.  As students do the activities, I make corrections to the points of performance to help nail down the technique.  For the finisher, I usually play music and and either time or count reps so we stay together as a group.  During  the AMRAP’s I play music and partially do the workout with them periodically checking the screen for effort.  As we finish the workout I ensure that all participants click done on each step because I check after class, on my phone, for time spent and steps done and record it in the grade book.  So far I have been getting 90+% participation with students saying they like it and it is challenging!

The last class of the week I may review the lesson but usually include some of the activities in our warm up.  Any class time that is not focused on PLT4M, I do a variety of things including my own workouts, online video workouts, yoga, martial arts, or SEL lessons.  In time I will start including EDU101A nutrition or EDU101B Assignments 1 time every week or two.

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Thanks for the insights @Matt Grenier !  Love that you encourage kids to review the movements and points of performance prior to class (as long as they don’t click “done,” this is totally doable!) 

Love that the music comes on for the Finishers!