Use of Program in Lifetime Activities class (HS)

  • 20 January 2023
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I am new to the Weight Training program and have begun using it in my weight training classes.  I would like to know if you all have your students bring in their computers to log their workouts? I am finding that too much time is being spent navigating the program with the computer, and I am looking for helpful tips for using the program in the weight room.

1 reply

Hi @idanceiteachirun ,


When using Chromebooks or computers, the best option is to use Rack View. This allows 5 kids to share one device. They are then usually off to the side on the ground or a table. Kids can then use them to reference their next exercise, sets, and reps. They should be viewed as a reference and resource, not as something they carry with them through the whole workout.


Here is one use case of a teacher in a similar situation using them successfully:


I’d be happy to connect with you over a quick zoom and discuss some strategies further, and possibly connect you with other users. You can schedule time with me here: