Summer Training in PLT4M

  • 5 April 2022
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PLT4M can be a valuable training tool during the Summer months. You may not have your students or athletes in front of you, but you can still provide them with the access they need to continue training.

Leverage PLT4M to:

  • Distribute programs to students based on goals and experience levels
  • Promote proper form through PLT4M’s video coaching
  • Foster accountability through workout logging

Help your students and athletes build momentum in their training by providing them with the tools and support to continue their training journeys, uninterrupted. 


Browse our most popular Summer Programs:

Whether athletes are training for their Fall season, or students are interested in continuing their fitness journey through the Summer months, take a look at our most popular Summer workout programs, below:


Summer Athlete Training

The Audience: a dedicated group of athletes who plan to attend scheduled weight room sessions at the school. Many of these athletes play a Fall sport, so their main goal is to develop strength, and build capacity, heading into their season.

Suggested Programs:

Athlete On-Ramp: This 5 week program spends time reinforcing proper form and technique on all core lifts, prior to re-establishing 1-rep maxes. It’s a great way to make sure your athletes are training safely, and have set a proper baseline for strength. 

2-3-4 Day Off-Season Training: Once a 1-rep max is established, athletes can follow an Off-Season training program. These programs provide individually prescribed loading for each athlete.  They’ll want to choose the Off-Season program that fits their schedule (based on how many days they can commit to lifting).

Speed Training: We recommend supplementing the Off-Season workouts with Speed Training. These workouts require access to a track/turf, so the Summer months are the perfect time to add these sessions into your workouts.

Conditioning: Similar to Speed Training, Conditioning sessions can also supplement the Off-Season workouts. The most dedicated athlete will likely complete the Off-Season, Speed, and Conditioning programs simultaneously.

Performance Anywhere: For the athlete that is vacationing, or working, and can’t commit to the weight room schedule. Performance Anywhere provides athletic development training without needing access to weight training equipment.


Summer Fitness

The Audience: a group of students who’ve expressed interest in working out over the Summer! These may be students who completed the Intro to Fitness and Strength programs, and are ready to take it to the next level. Some students plan to work out at the school, others plan to workout at a local gym, and some would like to workout at home. These students aren’t necessarily training for a sport, but rather, are interested in staying fit. 

Suggested Programs:

Personal Weight Training: Perfect for non-athletes who are interested in weight training. Any student who expresses interest in “body building,” will enjoy this program. 

Personal Fitness: This program is perfect for students who are serious about their fitness, but don’t desire to train with barbells. This program focuses on work capacity and conditioning through the use of “finisher” style programming. 

Fitness Anywhere: For students working out at home—these workouts offer a guaranteed sweat through the use of bodyweight movements and odd objects at home (optional). 


Summer Program Options

The audience: a group of students who enjoyed parts of their P.E. class and wish to have access to various fitness programs over the Summer, so that they may continue on the fitness path of their choosing.

Suggested Program Options:

In this model, we suggest opening up any and all programs that you want to make available to your student population. This may include:

Yoga Flows | Pilates | Fitness Anywhere | Mindfulness

...or any program you want to make available! 

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