Explore New Follow-Along Content!

  • 1 March 2022
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Explore New Follow-Along Content!
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We’ve added new Follow-Along content to the Resource Library!


What does Follow-Along mean?

Follow-Along refers to our standalone workouts, available as one continuous video, providing a guided experience for students. Follow-Along content can be found in the Resource Library and is most suitable for projector-style workouts.


Watch this quick video as we highlight some of the new Follow-Along categories, and how to incorporate them into your classroom.



Explore the new Follow-Along Categories:


ReadyFit - The all-in-one “finisher-style” workout video; includes: workout brief, movement modifications, guided warm-up, and coaching points. (20-30 minutes)

Use Case: When you’re limited on time but looking for an efficient, high heart rate workout, browse the ReadyFit category! ReadyFit workouts can also come in handy for substitute P.E. teachers!


Pick A Side - This series provides 5 minutes of continuous movement, in a game-style format. Students are asked to "pick a side" which will determine the movements they’ll do. This series is designed to keep students engaged while getting fit. (5 minutes)

Use Case: A fun way to engage students—the Pick A Side category serves as a warm-up and ice breaker simultaneously.


Move - Short-form movement practice. Each video consists of two movements, done in a tabata style. (5 minutes) 

Use Case: Browse two movements your students can work on. Use as a warm-up, or to reinforce certain movement patterns. 


Intro to Pilates - Individual, unparsed Pilates lessons. (20 minutes)

Use Case: Promote balance and flexibility by incorporating Pilates routines into students fitness regimen.


Breath - Short form breathing practice. (5 minutes)
Use Case: Can be used to set the tone at the start of class, or, at the end of class before students embark on the rest of their day. 
Dance Fitness - Individual Dance Fitness lessons. (30 minutes)
Use Case: On those days when students can’t focus on a workout, browse the Dance Fitness category for 30 minutes of engaging movement to music. 
Flow - Short form yoga practice, AKA “flow on the go” (5 minutes)
Use Case: Slowly introduce your students to Yoga—see if this is something your students are interested in!
Intro to Yoga/Intro Yoga Flow/Yoga Flow - Individual, unparsed yoga lessons (30 minutes)
Use Case: For those interested in incorporating Yoga into their fitness regimen. 
Mindful - Short form mindfulness practice. (7 minutes)
Use Case: Project a mindful video at the end of class to help your students reset after a workout. 
Run - Short form agility practice (5 minutes)
Use Case: Get outside, pick a drill, and get agile!

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