Back to School - Plan | Prep | Launch

  • 2 August 2022
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Back to School - Plan | Prep | Launch
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Welcome—class is back in session! 


If you are visiting this page, you are likely mourning your Summer, and gearing up for the 22-23 school year. We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a host of resource, guides, and tips to point you in the right direction. Starting here!




The PLT4M Playbooks offer a complete guided approach to implementing PLT4M. Even if you’ve already implemented PLT4M and are on year 2, 3, 4+ of using PLT4M, the playbooks may help you utilize more aspects of the PLT4M product. (Think: reports, leaderboards, classroom management styles)


For an in depth look at our program offering, view our Program Guide to learn details such as program goals, # of available sessions, session duration, included assessments, and so much more. 


Did you know that you can combine multiple programs to create a syllabus that fits your needs? For help mapping out your syllabus or lesson plans, browse our Syllabus Planning resource. 


For those who wish to plan beyond a semester, we have a resource for that, too. Check out our example Curriculum Maps to create a vertical alignment between grade levels. 




The above resources will help you come up with a plan, but now you need to facilitate that plan!

For new PLT4M partners, we’d suggest following the Onboarding Checklist.

For those who are on year 2+ of PLT4M, we’d suggest watching this Account Turnover tutorial. Here, you’ll find best practices for facilitating a new semester or school year in your existing PLT4M account. This includes removing old entities (students, groups, programs), and creating new ones. 




The last piece to the PLT4M puzzle—launching this tool in your class or weight room. We want to help you look like you know what you’re doing in front of your students (which of course, you do). This year, we’ve created some new resources for you, such as the printable How to Sign Up for PLT4M instruction sheet. 

For help introducing PLT4M to your students (as well as basics for how to use it), feel free to copy and paste our Student Welcome - Email Template. In this template, you’ll find a student facing tutorial. 

For more inspiration on how to register students (gracefully) in PLT4M, hear from our long time user—Molly Collins—on how she’s fine tuned her launch approach over the years. See how Molly does it


Stay tuned for more tips headed towards your inbox in the coming weeks!

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