9th Grade Wellness Resources

  • 22 November 2022
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9th grade—an opportunity to give students their first impression of what a wellness journey looks like. This is the time to build a strong foundation of fitness, expose students to various wellness paths, and develop physical literacy. 


In this article, we’ll highlight our most popular programs, resources, and case studies available to support a 9th grade wellness curriculum. 



All of PLT4M’s introductory programs are fair game when it comes to 9th grade PE. The question is: which programs should you choose, and in which sequence? Whether your curriculum follows a distinct progression, or offers multiple different paths, we have the programs to support it! Below you’ll find some example schedules, all geared towards achieving a common philosophy. 

Our philosophy: 

  1. Build a foundation
  2. Introduce Variety
  3. Promote Autonomy 

Example Curriculums:


In this option, students spend the first semester developing a foundation of fitness through the intro to fitness series, complemented by fitness literacy and nutrition.  In the second semester, students are presented with alternative fitness choices. This option ensures that all students receive the same foundation of fitness, and promotes autonomy by offering a variety of fitness options.


In this option, each quarter represents a new unit of fitness. All students begin with Intro to Fitness Part 1, followed by Intro to Yoga, Boxing, and Dance Fitness. Feel free to change up the units offered (i.e. swap pilates for dance fitness). This option exposes students to a variety of fitness modalities, with the hope that they’ll find a wellness pathway that appeals to them, for which they can elect to participate in subsequent grade years, or even outside of school. 



In this option, students are receiving a foundation of fitness through the Intro to Fitness series, while simultaneously being exposed to alternative fitness pathways. This is a great option if your students seek variety in their weekly schedule, and to avoid growing “tired” of one fitness modality. See below for an example of what a weekly schedule could look like following this curriculum option. 





Aside from securing your program choices and lesson plans, what more can you do with PLT4M? Read the 9th grade PE playbook to learn more about participation reports, assessment tracking, classroom logistics, and more!

View the PE9 Playbook



Foundations of Fitness

While Intro to fitness will teach the foundational movement patterns, we suggest reinforcing them. Download our printable foundational movement guide as a visual reference for your students!

Download the Movement Guide


Written Assessments

Did you know that the Intro to Fitness series includes a written assessment component? These are available as an optional assessment tool, meant to be distributed after completion of Intro to Fitness Parts 1 and 2. Below you’ll find the assessment questions as well as a teacher’s answer guide. Answers must be collected outside of PLT4M!

Access Written Assessments & Answer Key


School Spotlight - See it in action!

Cohasset High School has restructured its 9th grade wellness curriculum to address students’ total well-being. What was once a “traditional” games-based physical education class has transformed to support every 9th grade student with a holistic approach to total wellness.

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