Syllabus Mapping for Remote & Hybrid Learning

  • 9 December 2020
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Below are some examples of ways you might structure your curriculum using PLT4M programs. These are meant to serve as examples or guides. 


*Please Note: The scheduler tool in PLT4M only allows you to run one program at a time, so we recommend granting your students access to multiple programs via Group Access, and then communicating the schedule to your students. 



Example 1: Condensed Schedule

Experience Level: Introductory

Programs used: FIT101, FIT102, MOB101

Duration: 11 weeks


  • 3x Week - Follow FIT101 & FIT102
  • 5x Week - Incorporate Mobility



Example 2: Expanded Schedule

Experience Level: Introductory

Programs used: FIT101, FIT102, MOB101, NUTR101

Duration: 16 weeks


  • 3x Week - Follow FIT100’s & Mobility
  • 5x Week - Incorporate Nutrition



Example 3: Block Schedule

Experience Level: Introductory

Programs used: FIT101, FIT102, MOB101, NUTR101

Duration: 15 weeks

Frequency: 3 on, 1 off



Example 4: Fitness Anywhere

Experience Level: Intermediate, advanced

Programs used: FIT301c, MOB101, NUTR101

Duration: 11 weeks


  • 3x Week - Follow Fitness Anywhere
  • 5x Week - Incorporate Mobility Nutrition

Optional: Incorporate synchronous and asynchronous learning into your schedule. Require Fitness Challenges on Fridays, or pose them as extra credit. 



5 replies

Great stuff here!  What type of structure would you say would work best in a hybrid model where half students are in person two days and the other half are at home remote?  Additionally, what would you say would be most effective in the same situation where some classes are seen twice in person during a 7 day rotation and other classes may be seen only once?

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Hi @Canton Coach !  We like to break it down like this: How many days per week do you see each student in person? On top of that, how many remote sessions (if any), are required of your students each week? Once you nail down the total # of sessions you have with your students, broken down into in-person/remote, you can decide which programs you prefer to do in person versus the ones that are easier for remote students to navigate. For example, if you see each student 2x week in person and 3x week remotely, perhaps you set a goal of completing 2 Fitness Anywhere workouts per week (in person), and 3 mobility sessions per week (remotely). 


The benefit of having your student accessing their workouts through PLT4M, is that they can complete them without an instructor (you) leading them through it. So in the block schedule you’ve described, you can still set a goal of completing 2 workouts per week of a particular program. The students who see you 2x that week have the benefit of having an in-person instructor for both lessons, whereas the students who are in person 1x that week, will have one instructor led session (led by you), and one led by PLT4M. The next week, it will switch! 


The supplemental programs can also come in extremely handy for a block schedule such as the one you’ve described. You may choose to assign a more remote-friendly program such as Mobility, Nutrition, or Yoga, to the students who are seen less frequently in person. 


Happy to talk specifics, just let us know!

Thanks Jackie!  The most I will ever see any student in person is once per week.  I could still see the student’s class multiple times but will only ever see each kid once because of the nature of the rotational schedule.  For example...Last week I had a class all 5 days but only in person on Monday and Thursday and on both of those days I saw different groupings/cohorts of kids in person and the rest were online.  Fast forward to this week and I do not see that class but once for a short 20 minute period on Wednesday. 


This could be the case on any given week because of the rotation of classes.  Consistency and finding a set plan make it exceedingly challenging all while keeping in mind that there are certain students who are not coming in at all and who are fully remote every day.  


Any insight on a structure like this?  

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@Canton Coach  I want to make sure I understand your schedule:


You meet with your class on all 5 days, but whether the student is remote vs in-person, depends on which cohort the student is in, and which day you are on within your 7 day rotation. In addition to that, some students have opted to be fully remote. 


Sounds like you cannot rely on a consistent schedule as far as each student getting the same amount of in-person time vs remote time each week. For this reason, I would rely heavily on the PLT4M programs that tend to be more instructor led, and therefore lend themselves to a hybrid situation like yours:


FIT101, FIT102, FIT301c, YOG101, MOB101, Nutr101 are all great options. Since your students are relying on the PLT4M instructors to guide them through the sessions, this frees you up to act as a float, provide guidance and instruction where needed, and answer any questions. 


Select your programs, and come up with a schedule without taking your students location into account. All students can complete the same lesson, regardless of location. PLT4M's new Activity tab (launching tomorrow) will be a huge help with a model like this, since you'll have access to detailed insights of your students training logs. 

So the schedule is very tricky.  We operate on a 7 day rotational schedule.  I am assured to see my students in some capacity either in person or remote on 3 of those 7 days.  We currently are hybrid and have a schedule where we will see the same two rotational days in a week.  


Example: Day 1 Monday, Day 2 Tuesday, Day 1 Thursday, Day 2 Friday...We will see our Cohort A students on Monday or Tuesday and our Cohort B students on Thursday or Friday.


It seems extremely confusing to explain.  Basically the take home is that I could very well see a class every day in a week in either setting (in-person or remote) OR I could not see them at all.  


If I have a class on Days 2, 4, and 6 in the 7 day rotation….I could only see them twice a week because those days would never fall on the same week together because they are all a day apart...if I have them on 1, 3, and 4 I would have them four days out of a week because days 3 and 4 could align in the same week.