PLT4M Playbooks

  • 30 March 2022
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PLT4M Playbooks
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Have a Game Plan—Find Your Playbook!


The way in which you utilize PLT4M will vary based on your role, your audience, and your goals. The PLT4M Playbooks offer a blueprint for getting started based on the most common use cases. Use the playbooks as a step-by-step roadmap for implementation, or as a resource as you continue to develop your students through PLT4M.  


Browse the playbooks below:


Playbook: Fitness & Strength in PE

This playbook is for any PE instructor teaching either 9th grade PE, strength classes, or both. This playbook covers fitness & strength curriculum ideas, setting up classes, registering students, and reporting on progress. 


Playbook: Strength & Conditioning

This playbook is for any coach serving in a strength and conditioning role. This playbook covers how to organize athlete groups in PLT4M, how to select programs for each athlete, how to establish max lifts, and track max progress over time. 


Playbook: Individual Team Training

This playbook is for any coach looking to train their team with the help of PLT4M. This playbook covers athletic program options, training schedule examples, as well as workout and progress tracking. 


Playbook: Middle School P.E.

This playbook is for any Middle School PE teacher looking to incorporate fitness into the curriculum. This playbook outlines the variety of programs available for middle school students, and demonstrates how to incorporate them into your schedule. 


Don’t see a playbook that fits your needs? Email us at We can help! 

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