Programs with No Equipment

  • 23 August 2021
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Whether you’re teaching virtually, or have limited equipment, this article aims to highlight the PLT4M programs which do not require any equipment! 


For those offering a virtual education option for students; we’ve also included some tips to help you navigate the virtual teaching world with the help of PLT4M. 


What are my options?

The following program options require limited to no equipment, and are structured in a follow-along format, allowing students to easily navigate the workout on their own. 


Physical Education Athletics Cognitive

Intro to Fitness Part 1

Fitness Anywhere

Performance Anywhere Fitness Literacy

Intro to Yoga 

Intro to Yoga Part 2 

Yoga Flows

Intro to Flexibility

Stretching Routines

Intro to Nutrition

Applied Nutrition

Dance Fitness   Intro to Mindfulness
Intro to Boxing    


How do I facilitate virtual workouts? 

Whether students are expected to complete workout assignments synchronously, asynchronously, or in a hybrid format—we’ve got you covered. Check out this tutorial on Keeping Fitness FUN in Remote Learning!


How can I track student participation?

Through the Activity tab, teachers can view and export student training data such as:

  • which students logged a workout each day
  • which workout(s) were logged
  • exercise completion rate
  • workout timestamps and duration
  • individual and group data available 

View the Activity Tab tutorial here.

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