PLT4M Equipment List & Programs

  • 9 September 2021
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Use this article to help with your program selection based on the space and equipment you have available! 


Cognitive Learning (No Equipment)

Fitness Literacy

Intro to Nutrition & Applied Nutrition

Intro to Mindfulness


Physical Programs with No Equipment

Fitness Anywhere

Performance Anywhere

Intro to Yoga Part 1 & Intro to Yoga Part 2 & Yoga Flows

Dance Fitness

Stretching Routines

Intro to Flexibility


Foam Roller & Lax Ball

Intro to Mobility


Pull-Up Bar & PVC Pipe

Intro to Fitness Part 1


Pull-Up Bar, Medicine Ball & Jump Rope

Intro to Fitness Part 2


Dumbbells, Medicine Ball & Jump Rope

Personal Fitness


Barbells, Bumper Plates, Rack, Bench & Dumbbells

Intro to Weight Training Part 1 & Intro to Weight Training Part 2

Personal Weight Training

Athlete On-Ramp

In Season Training

4 Day Off Season | 3 Day Off Season | 2 Day Off Season


Grass/Turf, Cones & Stopwatch

Speed Training | Conditioning




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