Movement & Mobility Curriculum Overview

  • 22 July 2022
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The Goal of PLT4M’s Movement & Mobility Curriculum


The movement and mobility curriculum offers a wide range of low-impact bodyweight movement and mobility modules to choose from. At a high level, students will learn and develop skills of mobility, flexibility, and strength through your typical ‘mat-style class workout’ offerings and learn to move their bodies with control in a wide array of different fitness choices. These options can be a great alternative to higher intensity forms of fitness, or compliment such a program. 


For example, our introductory yoga series is one of the first steps to introduce students to key poses and movements. Within these lessons, students learn things like standing, twisting, and core exercises and are encouraged to scale and modify to fit their bodies appropriately. After setting up a strong foundation, students can then take on more advanced yoga flows that they would typically see in a yoga class or workout. 


While yoga is just one example, with our bodyweight movement and mobility modules, we also offer excellent opportunities to try new fitness opportunities like pilates, deep stretching routines and more. 


How to Implement a Movement & Mobility Curriculum


Introduce low-impact forms of exercise. The weight room along with high intensity workouts doesn’t necessarily appeal to every student. Provide students with the opportunity to explore alternative fitness paths such as yoga, pilates, and mobility with the goal of finding a fitness routine they are comfortable with. 


Supplement with any fitness or weight training program. The movement and mobility offerings serve as wonderful ‘Active Recovery’ days. Schedule these sessions in-between heavy lifting or higher intensity days to offer students a chance to recover, while exposing them to various forms of movement. If you have a longer class periods, finish your workout sessions with a movement & mobility routine. 


Incorporate follow-along style workouts. The movement & mobility offerings are available in a “follow-along” format, meaning students can hit ‘play’ and follow along with the video. This is a great option for students, or teachers, who prefer this style of learning. 


Explore programs found in the Movement & Mobility Curriculum


Introduce low-impact forms of exercise:

Intro to Yoga Part 1  |  Intro to Yoga Part 2  |  Yoga Flows

Intro to Pilates


Supplement with any fitness or weight training program:

Intro to Flexibility

Intro to Mobility

Stretching Routines

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