Health & Wellness Curriculum Overview

  • 22 July 2022
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The Goal of PLT4M’s Health & Wellness Curriculum


We know that health and wellness education goes beyond the physical components. Our health and wellness offerings help students learn the cognitive skills allowing them to develop the complete picture of total health and wellness. 

By incorporating elements of fitness literacy and nutrition, students are introduced to key concepts through video and written lessons so that they can explore and discuss how our bodies and minds benefit from living a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the digital textbook offerings, PLT4M also has programs that address the social-emotional learning of students through follow along mindfulness lessons. Here, students learn and practice mindfulness skills that they are encouraged to practice throughout their everyday lives.

The goal of the health & wellness curriculum is to provide students with the knowledge they need to live a healthy lifestyle in the gym as well as outside of the gym. 


How to Implement a Health & Wellness Curriculum


PLT4M’s health and wellness offerings can serve as standalone cognitive programs, or can supplement a physical program. 

Supplement physical curriculums. We believe there are benefits to learning forms of physical activity while simultaneously learning the importance of physical exercise, as well as how to fuel your body. We also believe in providing students with a variety of tools to improve their mental wellness. This includes physical activity as well as mindfulness. Introducing these concepts simultaneously allows students to develop a complete understanding of health and wellness, and the various ways to achieve it. 

As standalone heath & wellness units. The health and wellness offerings may also serve as standalone curriculum units. The curriculum is available in the form of a digital textbook with associated chapter questions and teacher’s answer key. Programs may be assigned with the expectation that students complete the assignments outside of the classroom; or, teacher’s may refer to the content as a lesson plan used to foster in-class discussions. 


Explore programs found in the Health & Wellness Curriculum


Provide students with an understanding of key physical concepts (the WHY behind fitness):

Fitness Literacy

Introduce nutrition as a key component of wellness:

Intro to Nutrition

Applied Nutrition

Introduce Mindfulness Practice:

Intro to Mindfulness

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