Cognitive Applications in PLT4M

  • 11 January 2021
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Use Case

The cognitive based programs provide another way for students to expand their knowledge of fitness and wellness concepts. These programs use a combination of text and video to help students absorb the information, and include corresponding questions and answer guides. As such, there are different ways to disseminate these programs, and collect responses to the assignments.


Available Cognitive Programs include: 

EDU100: Foundations of Fitness

EDU101: Intro to Nutrition

EDU201: Nutrition Concepts of Interest


How to Assign Educational Lessons:


Option A: Share the program content with your students via your preferred LMS—Canvas, Google Classroom, Schoology, etc. (copy and paste). This option allows you to control when lessons become available to your students, and allows students to access their PLT4M assignments using the same platform they use to access their assignments for other classes. 

  1. To access the program content, navigate to the PROGRAMS page. Select Preview on the program you’d like to share. 


  1. Copy Text: Use the drop down menus to locate the lesson you want to copy. Highlight the text > right click, and select copy. 


  1. Copy video content: Select the Copy Link button that displays on the video. 


  1. Copy Supplemental Questions: Chapter questions appear at the end of each lesson. Highlight the text > right click, and select copy. Teacher Answer Guides can be found in the “More Details” section of the program card.  




Option B: The Nutrition Programs can also be shared using Option A, OR via e-Books. Instead of copying and pasting each lesson, you can distribute an entire chapter in the form of an e-Book. The e-Books are the preferred method for sharing the EDU Nutrition programs, as they include text, video, as well as images relevant to the curriculum. Access the e-Book links below:


EDU101: Intro to Nutrition

Part 1 - Science of Nutrition

Part 2 - Daily Application to Meals

EDU201: Nutrition Concepts of Interest:

Chapter 1: Micronutrients 

Chapter 2: Hydration 

Chapter 3: Emotional Eating 


Option C: Assign the programs digitally via the Programs page. Students can access the program content with their PLT4M logins via their preferred digital device. 

  1. Navigate to the PROGRAMS page, locate the program you’d like to assign and click Manage. 


  1. Click into the “Group Access” tab. Select the “Restricted” option. Using the (+) signs, select the groups you’d like to assign the program to. This will move them from the left column into the right column. Groups displayed in the right column will have access to this program. Choose Update to save your changes. 


How to Collect Responses:

The PLT4M application does not have a feature for capturing open response submissions to questions. While the cognitive lessons in PLT4M include supplemental questions for your students to answer, we recommend collecting responses outside of PLT4M. Below are some ideas for creating assignments outside of PLT4M. 

Create an Assignment in Google Classroom

Create an Assignment in Canvas

Create an Assignment in Schoology


Teacher Answer Guides are available via the “Manage” button on the Programs page:



Other considerations

  • The cognitive programs can be used simultaneously with any of the physical programs available in PLT4M.
  • The cognitive lessons typically take 15-30 minutes to complete.


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