Updated Program Library - New Program Names!

With an ever growing program offering, we’ve re-organized the program library in an effort make the program library easier to navigate. Programs will now be categorized into either the beginner, Intermediate, or advanced level tabs. We’ve also dropped the course code (i.e. “FIT101”) and programs will simply be labeled with exactly what they are! We hope this simplifies your ability to understand the available programs, and aid with your selection process. 


Will I recognize all of the new program names?

Most program names are simply dropping the course code, i.e. “FIT101.” However, the two below will have new names:


ATH310: Remote Athletic Development - will become - Performance Anywhere

This program was built for Athletes looking to train remotely last year. We see this as a long term “remote” option, available for athletes who are at home, traveling, or unable to access a weight room. Similar to its Fitness Anywhere counterpart, Performance Anywhere will be the solution for any athlete training remotely. 


MOB101: Mastering Mobility - will become - Stretching Routines

As we’ve expanded our flexibility and mobility program options, the term “mastering” no longer fit this program label. This program is now part of a series of 3 programs, all aimed at helping students “master” their mobility. 


EDU100: Foundations of Fitness - will becomeFitness Literacy


Introduction to Nutrition and Nutrition Concepts of Interest have been combined to form one program, “Introduction to Nutrition.” The second part of the nutrition series is called Applied Nutrition, and is now available in all accounts!



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