The Next Evolution of Athletic Programming: Fully Released!

Over the last few months, we released the first half of the new and improved athletic training programs, including:

*New* 3 & 4 day Off-Season Programs

*New* Speed Training Program

*New* Conditioning Program

We are happy to announce that the full programs have been released and are now available in your PLT4M account!

If you are currently using a *NEW* 3 or 4 day Off-Season program, or *NEW* Speed or Conditioning program, there’s nothing you need to do; the additional workouts will automatically appear in you and your students PLT4M accounts.

If you are currently using the older versions of the 3 or 4 Day Off-Season programs, we recommend switching to the updated versions! The older versions will be removed at the end of this month. 


How do these programs differ from the existing 3 & 4 Day Off Season?

  • Detailed warm ups living IN the workout
  • More advanced strength cycles with primary lifts and an updated approach to worksets
  • Suggested time domains per section - assisting athletes with time management
  • Updated and expanded pre, mid, and post testing
  • New and expanded power and plyometric progressions


What is the difference between the 2-Day, 3-Day and 4-Day Off Season Programs?

All Off Season Weight Training programs include the same 48 workout sessions. Depending on how many days per week your athletes can dedicate to weight training, will determine which program you select. The 2-Day version, for example,  will take longer (in weeks) to complete, than the 4-Day. 


Here is a closer look at the updates found in the new athletic programs:


Warm-ups appear baked into the Workout:



Suggested time domains per section/exercise:




New & Expanded power, plyometric, unilateral and stability movements:


New plyometric progressions, such as the Snap Down:



Expanded Unilateral work, such as the Kneeling single arm dumbbell strict press:


Added stability movements, such as the Dead Bug:




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