Reminder: Programs Expiring Next Week

Out with the old, in with the new! 


Over the last few months, we’ve released a new slate of improved athletic training programs! Please note: the old athletic programs are set to expire on 8/6. If you are currently using any of the [Expiring] Programs, follow the instructions below to switch to the newer version. 


Which programs are expiring?


Old Program | New Program:

[Expiring] ATH311C 3 Day Off Season Weight Training → *New* 3 day Off-Season Training

[Expiring] ATH311b: 4 Day Off Season Weight Training → *New* 4 Day Off-Season Training

[Expiring] ATH312: Speed, Agility & Conditioning →  *New* Speed Training Program & *New* Conditioning Program

[Expiring] MOB101: Mastering Mobility → *New* Stretching Routines



What should I do?

Your options are to switch to the updated program (recommended), or, copy the existing program so that you may continue using it. See below. 


To switch to a new program:

  1. From your sidebar, navigate to your Programs page, locate the new program you’d like to assign, and click Manage on the program card. 



  1. Tab over to Group Access. Use the (+) sign, to select the group(s) you’d like to assign the program to. Click Update to save your changes. 



  1. To avoid your groups seeing duplicate programs, you may follow the same steps as above to un-assign the expiring program. Otherwise, the program will be automatically removed from all accounts on 8/6. 


To continue using an expiring program: 

  1. From your sidebar, navigate to your Programs page, locate the expiring program you’d like to copy, and click the () menu icon. Select Copy Program.




  1. Enter a name for your copied program, and click Confirm. This program will now appear in your program library under the Custom tab. A copied program is considered a custom program, and therefore will not be removed when the original program expires. 






Will my students lose their progress if I switch programs?

The log history will still be available to both staff and students, however, the student will lose their place in the program via the workouts page.  For example: a student has logged 4 out of 12 weeks of the Expiring 3 day off season program. If that program expires, and they have been assigned the new 3-Day Off Season Training program, they will still be able to reference their log history, which will indicate where they left off in the program, however, when they navigate to the Workouts page to access their newly assigned program, it will appear as incomplete. In this scenario, the student can simply pick up where they left off! 


How do the new programs differ from the old 3 & 4 Day Off Season?

  • Detailed warm ups living IN the workout
  • More advanced strength cycles with primary lifts and an updated approach to worksets
  • Suggested time domains per section - assisting athletes with time management
  • Updated and expanded pre, mid, and post testing
  • New and expanded power and plyometric progressions


What is the difference between the 2-Day, 3-Day and 4-Day Off Season Programs?

All Off Season Weight Training programs include the same 48 workout sessions. Depending on how many days per week your athletes can dedicate to weight training, will determine which program you select. The 2-Day version, for example,  will take longer (in weeks) to complete, than the 4-Day. 

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