New Way to Assign Programs!

We've released some updates this week in an effort to simplify the PLT4M site navigation. Learn more about what to expect with these changes, below!


Update #1 - Assign Programs from the GROUP page

You can now make program assignments right from the GROUPS page. Previously, program assignments were made by navigating to the PROGRAM page, searching for the program you’d like to assign, and assigning via the Manage > Group Access route. Please note: programs can still be assigned this way, the Group Page Assignment is an added feature. 


Now you can do all of your assigning from one place—the Groups page. To assign a program:

  1. Navigate to the Groups tab
  2. Select the Group you’d like make assignments for
  3. Select Assign Programs



  1. A list of programs will appear. Select the program(s) you’d like to make available to the group. The selections will automatically save.

Please note: this list of programs will include both PLT4M programs, as well as any custom programs. You may use the beginner/intermediate/advanced/custom tabs along to top to narrow your program selection.

  1. Continue on to your next group (if applicable), and continue making program assignments by group. 

The assigned programs will be reflected on the Groups page, so that you can easily verify which groups have access to which programs, all in one place. 


Update # 2 - Adjust Staff Access via the Add/Remove Members button

Another feature that has been added to the Groups page, is the ability to configure staff access for each Group. Previously, staff access could be adjusted from the three dot menu icon located next to the Group. 


Now, staff members can easily be added or removed from a Group the same way you would add or remove a student. To adjust staff access:

  1. Navigate to the Groups tab
  2. Select the Group you’d like to adjust staff access for
  3. Select Add/Remove Members > Add/Remove Staff



  1. You’ll see a list of staff in the account. Click the (+) to add staff to the group. Click the (-) to remove staff from the group. 



Please note: Adding a staff member as an admin to a Group enables them to manage that group i.e. Add/Remove students, and update Group settings. 

The assigned admins will be reflected on the Groups page, so that you can easily verify which staff members have access to manage each Group. 


Update # 3) How to access your Schedules

Schedules are still available as a program assignment option, but are now only available in the programs Manage page. Please note: schedules have always lived in the Manage page, we have simply removed the Schedules tab, making this the only way to access schedules. 


Here’s how to access the schedules page:

To view/edit an existing schedule: 

  1. Navigate to the Groups tab
  2. Locate the Group for which you’d like to view/edit schedules for
  3. Any currently assigned programs will appear in the upper right corner. Click on the name of the program you’d like to manage.


  1. This will bring you to the program Manage page, where you can edit existing program assignments, or create new ones.



To create a new schedule (when one doesn't’t exist currently):

  1. Navigate to the Programs page
  2. Locate the desired program you’d like to create a schedule for 
  3. Select Manage


  1. Toggle over to the Schedules tab, and click Schedule Program.


Please note: Once a schedule is created, it is accessible via the Groups page (as outlined above). 

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