New! Stretching Routines

Stretching Routines is the new and improved version of the Mastering Mobility Program. The newer sessions have been filmed with higher video and audio quality, providing a better follow along experience. Read the program details below! 



In Intro to Flexibility, we introduced the concept of End Range Static Stretching, covering its benefits, and highlighting the role flexibility plays in our mobility. In 101, our goal was to introduce a number of key poses and highlight the target areas of each stretch.

In “Stretching Routines” we aim to provide guided stretching routines with less coaching, allowing you to focus and relax through the session. With flexibility, the key is consistency! Similar to most things in life, if you do not practice it regularly, your performance will suffer. 



  • 15 Total sessions | 5 Sections of 3 Sessions

  • Sessions are 20 minutes long


Session Format

All lessons include a variety of end range stretches, with the goal of improving mobility around the key joints and muscles. Each lesson consists of one follow-along, 20 minute video.



Everyone! This is our first introduction into the world of Mobility, and it is a great place to start for kids of all ages. 



"Intro to Flexibility" is recommended, but this program can be used at any time.



No equipment necessary, but it is nice to have a yoga mat!



As a supplemental program testing is by no means required, but should you wish to measure your flexibility progress, use the Squat Therapy assessment at the end.

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