New Program Release! YOG201: Yoga Flow & New Athletic Training Programs

Today we’re launching 3 new programs - all available in your PLT4M account! 


Introducing - YOG201: Yoga Flow


PLT4M is excited to release the next slate of lessons in our very popular yoga series. YOG201: Yoga Flow has 12 lessons that are all about the flow!


At a glance:

In our 101 & 102 yoga series we introduced the basic foundations of yoga and slowly moved through basic flows. Now with a strong foundation, students will dive into more comprehensive yoga workouts with demanding breath to movement flows. We will continue to introduce more challenging poses and flow variations. Another added twist to this program is the introduction of Muscle Action Drills (MADS) that will help students target and work on both big and small muscle groups that help in our yoga training. 


Preview the full program.



New & Improved - ATH311B & ATH311C - 3 & 4-Day Off Season Training


We've released 24 sessions of the new versions of the 3 & 4 Day Off-Season Programs! We’re still finalizing the second half of the program, and will release the next 24 sessions when ready!


At a glance:

These programs are aimed at developing the complete athlete through Strength, Power, Control, & Capacity work, all built into a 3 or 4-Day lifting schedule.

Over the course of 48 total sessions, two major training cycles will be employed, with pre-, mid-, and post-assessment of all the relevant performance markers listed below. 

In each 24-session cycle, a major emphasis will be placed on building raw total-body strength through the powerlifts and their variations. Simultaneously, we will develop our rate of force production, or “Power”, through a progression of plyometrics and the “Clean” movement – utilizing all it's "Power" variations, from the top down. Lastly, we will consistently build durability and work capacity through a blend of active stability/mobility work, hypertrophy training, accessory strength development, and metabolic conditioning.


Preview the *NEW* ATH311B: 4-Day Off Season Weight Training

Preview the *NEW* ATH311C: 3-Day Off Season Weight Training




How do these programs differ from the existing 3 & 4 Day Off-Season Programs?

  • Detailed warm ups living IN the workout
  • More advanced strength cycles
  • Suggested time domains per section 
  • Updated pre, mid, & post testing
  • Expanded power and plyometric progressions

What If I’m currently using the old versions?

We recommend switching to the new versions when you encounter a break in training. The old versions of the 3 & 4 Day Off Season will be available in your account through the end of July. 

What is the difference between the 3 and 4 Day Off Season?

The sessions are the exact same. Both programs will include 48 sessions numbered Lift#1-48. The 3 Day program will have 3 workouts scheduled per week, therefore creating a 16 week program. The 4 day program will have 4 workouts scheduled per week, therefore creating a 12 week program. Selecting the program that works for you will depend upon how many days per week you are able to dedicate to a weight room session.

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