New Program Release! MOB101: Intro to Flexibility

New Program Release! MOB101: Intro to Flexibility



What is flexibility? Isn’t it just another word for mobility? While a common misconception, flexibility and mobility are NOT the same thing. Flexibility is in fact one element of Mobility. While mobility focuses on the intentional movement of a joint through its full range of motion (with control), flexibility refers to a muscle’s ability to stretch beyond its normal resting state. Therefore, flexibility can certainly be said to be a prerequisite for good mobility. 

In this program, we aim to improve our flexibility through the use of static stretching. Why? Muscles all have a set length, but for a myriad of reasons like injury or poor posture, they often lose the ability to stretch to full length. This program aims to take the first step toward improving joint mobility by ensuring that our muscles can stretch to their functional limits. 



  • 15 Total Lessons

    • 5 Sections | 3 Lessons per Section

  • Sessions are 20 minutes long

  • Culminates in Squat Therapy Mobility Assessment

Lesson Format

Each session begins with a brief introduction where we talk through the focus of each lesson. We will then move into the lesson, which is 20 minutes long, including 4-6 stretches for 2 or 2:30 minutes.



Everyone! This is our first introduction into the world of Mobility, and it is a great place to start for kids of all ages. 






No equipment needed, but a mat or padding for knees is suggested. 



Squat therapy available as mobility assessment at the end. This same assessment will also be used at the end of MOB201. If you would like to do the Squat Therapy assessment at the beginning and end of the program, that is absolutely OK. 

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