New Program Release! Intro to Strength Training Series

New Program Release! Intro to Strength Training Series

We're excited to announce the release of two new programs: 


Intro to Strength Training: Part 1

Intro to Strength Training: Part 2


Intro to Strength Training provides an introduction to the world of barbells and dumbbells!


Our primary focus, here, is becoming comfortable with a loaded bar for the first time. Through this series, students will learn how to properly perform the Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Front Squat, Overheard Press, and Hang Clean. 


Students will learn the movements very gradually, progressing from empty bars, to lightly loaded work, before coming to and recording a baseline “max” in each of the major lifts. This will help direct training within more advanced programs down the road.


Additionally, students will learn a host of accessory strength movements using the widely versatile dumbbell, as well as continue to develop core strength and stability!


This two part series will replace the existing Intro to Weight Training Series. If you’re using the old Intro to Weight Training programs, we suggest switching over to the new and improved versions! The Intro to Weight Training programs will expire at the end of the month. 


Here's what's new:


Simplified, Two Part Series

Formerly a three part series, we've simplified our introduction to the world of barbells and dumbbells into two parts. The new programs contain a greater weight room focus and more accessory strength movements, making this the ideal next progression after the two part Intro to Fitness Program Series. 


New and improved introduction videos for core lifts

New core lift demonstration videos will cover:

  • Points of performance
  • Lift set up, execution, and the return
  • Safely failing a lift
  • Spotting (if applicable)
  • Lift modifications

Preview the Introduction to the Back Squat:



Utilization of student weight log to track progress for all movements 

With the ability to track weights within the workouts, students and teachers are able to reference the weight log to direct future training sessions. 

Learn more in Understanding the student weight log


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