New Program Release! DAN200: Dance Fitness

New Program Release! DAN200: Dance Fitness

We're releasing twelve 30 minute lessons of follow-along style dance fitness movements! Perfect for middle school & high school students looking to change things up in their fitness routine. Grab an open space and turn up the volume! 


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Let's turn up the music and have some fun! This program aims to provide every student an engaging and welcoming introduction to the basics of dance fitness. We seek to introduce this form of cardio and dance fitness through a fully-developed lesson plan that allows students to learn new dance moves while getting their heart rates up and smiling!



  • 12 Total Lessons | 4 Sections of 3 Lessons
  • 30 minutes per Lesson
  • Each lesson is broken down into warm-up, choreography, cardio effort, and cool-down


Lesson Format

Each lesson begins with a guided warm-up to prepare students for an entire dance fitness routine. The main focus of each lesson is the choreography and cardio effort, where students learn the moves for the day and then string them all together through a full routine. Finally, students will wrap up with a cool-down stretch that allows them to target the muscles they just worked on and bring their heart rates down. The entire 30 minutes includes music and follow-along instruction.



Everyone! Grades 6-12. Anyone looking to move and groove while breaking a sweat. We encourage EVERY student to give this program a try.



No formal requisites; open to all students! No dance experience needed.



No equipment needed!

Just give yourself enough room to move around.



There are no formal assessments in this program.

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