NEW Intro to Boxing Program - Now Available!

NEW Intro to Boxing Program - Now Available!

Introducing the new Intro to Boxing program!


An introduction to boxing with a fitness twist. Through 8 rounds of a circuit style workout, students will be introduced to key concepts of boxing such as footwork, offense, and defense. These high-intensity workouts will bridge boxing skills and fitness fundamentals, providing another avenue for student to pursue lifelong fitness!


Is Boxing Right For My Students?


Let’s address the elephant in the room. When you hear boxing, you probably envision 2 students in class punching each other in the face. But we are not talking about what you see in amateur boxing and professional boxing. We promise! In the Intro to Boxing program, we’ve taken the key concepts and skills found in boxing, and incorporated them into a bodyweight, circuit-style form of training!


The best part—there’s no prior boxing experience needed! We do strongly recommend that students have taken part in some form of introductory fitness program (such as Intro to Fitness) as we jump right into bodyweight circuit training which requires a basic understanding of fundamental movements.


What does Intro to Boxing Program look like in PE?


Each workout is a total body workout! Odd rounds (1, 3, 5, 7) consist of boxing exercises. Sean, our instructor, will introduce new boxing movements, and students will be instructed to practice different combinations—following along with Sean. Even rounds (2, 4, 6, 😎 consist of bodyweight circuits. The 8th round wraps up with a core cashout. We occasionally switch up the format of the rounds, but always follow an 8 round workout.


There is no equipment needed! All you need to run this successfully is space to move around. If by chance you have access to some boxing equipment like heavy bags, there are certainly ways you could incorporate those if you wanted.


Suggested forms of Implementation


Intro to Boxing is structured as a “Follow-Along” style workout.  Each lesson consists of 2 video components. The first video provides an introduction, where Sean tells the audience what’s in store for the day’s lesson. The second video is ~30 minutes long, and includes the full lesson. Students or teachers are encouraged to press ‘play,’ and follow-along with Coach Sean. 


Preview the first Boxing Lesson


Within PLT4M’s high school boxing program, we start our first three lessons with the basics.


  1. Lesson 1 – Footwork

  2. Lesson 2 – Offense

  3. Lesson 3 – Defense


The remainder of the workouts in this boxing program (12 total) combine the different skills first introduced, and continue to build on new boxing skills. 




Head on over to the Program Library, under the “Intermediate” tab, to preview and assign this program to your groups!

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