Improved Student-Athlete Workflow

We’re excited to launch the new student-athlete workflow, along with a few other highly requested features and updates! View the release notes below to learn more about the new features.


Please note: These features are currently available in WEB ONLY. The features will become available in the App next week. 


Launch 1: Students ability to reset a single workout.View help article.


No more having to reset an entire program in order to re-do a workout. Now, students may reset a single completed lesson or workout by clicking on the completed workout, and tapping Reset.



Launch 2: Workout Timer available within students workout


Take accountability a step further with our Workout Timer. Students will now have access to a running timer appearing as a banner within the workout. The timer will help students pace their workouts, manage their time, and track finisher scores. 



Launch 3: Ability for students to input reps/weights used → View help article.


Students and athletes now have the ability to enter reps or weights completed for any weight based movement that does not have a prescribed rep or weight, thus creating a weight log viewable by teachers and coaches. 




Launch 4: Simplified Workout Assignment via Group Access → View help article. 


No more Private, Public, or Restricted options. Now, programs are simply assigned to your groups, or they're not assigned. Programs that have been assigned by you, will be clearly labeled as "assigned" on your Programs page. 




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