COMING SOON: The Next Evolution of Athletic Programming

We’re releasing new and improved versions of the 3 & 4 day Off-Season Programs!

If you are currently using a 3 or 4 day Off-Season program, we recommend switching to the updated versions once released! We will eventually sunset the current programs. 


How will these programs differ from the existing 3 & 4 Day Off Season?

  • Detailed warm ups living IN the workout
  • More advanced strength cycles with primary lifts and an updated approach to worksets
  • Suggested time domains per section - assisting athletes with time management
  • Updated and expanded pre, mid, and post testing
  • New and expanded power and plyometric progressions


Tell me more about these updates?


Warm-ups appear baked into the Workout:



Suggested time domains per section/exercise:




New & Expanded power, plyometric, unilateral and stability movements:


New plyometric progressions, such as the Snap Down:



Expanded Unilateral work, such as the Kneeling single arm dumbbell strict press:



Added stability movements, such as the Dead Bug:




How does the 3-Day differ from the 4-Day Off-Season program?

They don’t! These programs include the exact same workouts, and the same number of sessions. The 3-Day version will take longer (in weeks) to get through than the 4-Day. In choosing your program, choose based on the number of days your athletes are able to dedicate to a weight training session per week. If limited to less than 3 or 4 days per week, check out the 2 Day Off-Season Weight Training Program.


When will these new programs be available?

Release Date: May 10th!

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