Intro to Yoga Part 2

  • 12 February 2021
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In Yog101: Intro to Yoga, we introduced a basic Yoga foundation with in-depth movement instruction and practice. In YOG102: Intro to Yoga Flow, students will continue to grow in their yoga journey through longer form breath to movement flows while still practicing new pose variations along the way. Students will build the mind-body connection that comes with this form of exercise. Students will develop the stamina and capacity needed for full yoga workouts and be ready to continue to almost any yoga class with confidence!



  • 12 Total Lessons | 4 Sections of 3 Lessons
  • 30 Minutes per Lesson
  • Each lesson is broken into 4 video parts:
    • 1) Intro 2) Opening Flow/Warm Up 3) Flow 4) Wrap Up


Lessons Format

Each yoga session begins with a guided warm up and an opportunity for students to check-in mentally and physically to the day's lesson. Each lesson will follow a traditional yoga flow and move throughout an entire 30-minute workout. Lessons will also introduce 2-3 movement/pose variations embedded directly within the longer flows. 



Grades 6-12—Students who are interested in the primary movements of yoga and are looking to add this style of exercise to their fitness toolbox for long-term health and wellness.



YOG101: Intro to Yoga


Students should have a basic understanding of foundational yoga movements. For example, they should be able to perform Warrior 2 with proper form and technique as a stand alone exercise before attempting to do it in a longer flow workout. 



Nice to Have:

  • Yoga Mat


There are no formal assessments in this program. 

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