Intro to Mobility

  • 21 March 2021
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Program Description

In this introduction to mobility, we aim to introduce some key mobility principles and techniques, with the goal of moving beyond simple "flexibility" and "stretching". While we love stretching, it is only one piece of the larger mobility puzzle. To truly improve our mobility, we must equip ourselves with more advanced techniques like Self-Myofascial Release. Additionally, we review the concept of "Active Recovery", and the role it plays in our mobility.



  • 15 Total Lessons | 5 Sections of 3 Lessons
  • 30 Minutes per Lesson
  • Concludes with a Mobility Test


Lesson Format

Each session begins with a brief introduction where we talk through the focus of each lesson, be it Stretching, SMR, or Active Recovery. We will then move into the lesson, which consists of one (sometimes two) long format, follow along videos.



Everyone! Anyone looking to get into fitness should begin with this fundamental program. Long term results come from setting a good foundation!



As we begin with two Sections of Stretching, you can jump into this program without any pre-reqs. However, improving your flexibility through MOB101 would be a good course to start with.



  • Foam Rollers (Sections 3 & 5)
  • Lax or Tennis Ball (Sections 4 & 5)
  • We also suggest the use of a padded mat



Culminates in a final “assessment” of:

  • Squat Therapy

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