Intro to Fitness Part 1

  • 8 September 2020
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An introduction to all things movement and fitness! The aim of this program is to provide every student a foundation upon which they can develop their personal fitness or performance training.

We seek to cement proper mechanics through all of the fundamental human movements, begin to develop relative strength & mobility, while also introducing the concept of capacity.



  • 15 Total Lessons | 5 Sections of 3 Lessons
  • 30-45 minutes per Lesson
  • Concludes with Baseline Fitness Assessments


Lesson Format

Each lesson begins with a guided warm up, followed by movement education and technique work. Then, a workout is prescribed and explained in detail that reinforces the major education points of the day, while introducing elements of capacity and intensity.



Everyone! Grades 6-12. Anyone looking to get into fitness should begin with this fundamental program. Long term results come from setting a good foundation!



No formal requisites, open to all students!



Must Have:

PVC Pipe

Open Floor

"Run" option


Nice to Have:


Pull-Up bar (for assessment) 

Box/Bench (for modifying push-ups)

Bands/Foam rollers



Culminates in a final "assessment" of:

• 1 Mile Run (Aerobic capacity)

• 2 Min Burpee Test (Anaerobic Capacity)

• Push Up / Pull Up / Air Squat (Strength Capacity)

• Squat Therapy (Mobility)

• PLT4M MetCon (Overall Fitness)



4 replies

Above it is stated:

  1. Program is best performed in an instructor-led, class setting. Not “on their own”

We are in full virtual learning right now and we were planning on starting with FIT 101: Intro to Fitness.  We have very large classes (60+ students per teacher) is this the right program to be having them do at their homes on their own?  We plan to use the timestamp feature to help us see if they are completing the program vs. clicking.  We are brand new to PLT4M and we want to make sure we are starting with the right program.


Thanks for your help! 

Sara F.


Hi Sara, 


Great question! In the past we encouraged this program to be instructor lead because of our experiences working with those intro students. They often need that extra hand from a teacher like yourself! But to your question this program can absolutely be run via virtual and remote learning right now. 


We actually adapted the program so that our team of instructors are giving guided instructions throughout the lessons and videos, The time stamp idea you have is a great choice and option for making sure your students are getting things done! I think using Fit 101 will be a great fit for your large groups and lots of opportunities for the students to grow and learn from this excellent program. 


If you have more questions about running this program with your students remotely, please let us know, but best of luck and think you are on the right track!! 

We purchased PLT4M during the pandemic because we wanted our students to be active after spending much of their time online with Zoom calls. Upon our return to campus we used the program to introduce the foundational movements and it has become the base of our fitness instruction. Having the introduction to the foundational movements has allowed our strength coaches to start with a base of knowledge once our students begin their time in the strength training unit. We also use PLT4M to have our students complete their final summative assessment for the semester. It is extremely helpful to have the resources and videos immediately available to the students. The other helpful feature is being able to have students make-up workouts when they miss class. It maintains continuity and builds upon each workout. This has been a very valuable tool for our program!  

My previous post gave more of an overview regarding the benefits of the PLT4M programs, so I wanted to give some more details regarding how we used the programs on a daily basis and what we plan to do next semester. 

We use the programs in our freshmen health and fitness classes. We are on a rotating block schedule and our classes are 80 minutes long. We basically divide the class into conditioning for the first half of class and games, sports and activities for the last half. We assign a PLT4M workout each day, for the students in class the instructor leads and/or monitors the class. The nice thing is a student that misses class can do the workout on their own at home. We look at the progression of the FIT 101 workouts as a piece of the overall objective so completion of each workout is imperative to the overall course objective. 

We are fortunate to have two full time strength coaches and we are able to schedule an 8-week strength training unit for all freshmen (4-weeks/semester). The main goal for this is to give all students access to the facility and give them the confidence and knowledge to be able to use a gym facility on their own. For athletes that will be using the facility with their teams our strength coaches know all students have gone through the introduction. 

The other very helpful benefit of PLT4M is the introduction of the foundational movements. Our main focus is introducing the movements and their importance to activities of daily living. Proper technique and injury prevention is the main goal for the freshman and having them perform the exercises properly and be able to assess their own performance is very important. We utilize, and have the students employ, the terms used by PLT4M when discussing points of performance, and scaling in particular. We have found this to be very beneficial once they get to the weight room because, again, additional time does not need to be taken teaching the movement. 

Since the main goal of the freshman class is providing them the tools to be fit for life, having all of the resources PLT4M provides available to our students allows us to encourage them to be self motivated learners should they have a question or want more information.