Intro to Boxing

  • 9 August 2022
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An introduction to the fundamentals of boxing with a fitness twist. This program aims to introduce students to key boxing concepts like footwork, offense, and defense. In addition, students will build their general fitness skills with bodyweight exercises and different circuit style training. 


These high-intensity workouts will bridge boxing skills and fitness fundamentals that are sure to be an excellent workout for any student.



  • 12 Total Lessons | 4 Sections of 3 Lessons

  • 30 Minute Lessons 

  • Each lesson is broken down in 8 rounds of 3 minutes of work, 1  minute of rest.


Lesson Format

Each workout is a total body workout! Odd rounds (1,3,5,7) consist of boxing exercises. Students will be instructed to practice different combinations and can practice at their own pace or follow along with Sean, our instructor. Even rounds (2,4,6,8) consist of bodyweight circuits. The 8th round wraps up with a core cashout. We occasionally switch up the format (boxing/fitness) of the rounds, but always follow an 8 round workout.



No prior boxing experience needed! We do strongly recommend that students have taken part in some form of introductory fitness program as we jump right into bodyweight circuit training that requires a basic understanding of movements.



Intro to Fitness: Part 1 

Intro to Fitness: Part 2 


Suggested for students who have had a comprehensive education of foundational human movement. This program assumes understanding of and relative mastery over the squat, hinge, press, pull, and lunge. We are building directly upon those learned patterns within our circuit training.



Must Have:

Open Floor

Nice to Have:

Boxing Bag 

Medball/Dumbbell for occasional optional loading 



There are no formal assessments in this program.

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