Fitness Literacy

  • 4 January 2021
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Fitness Literacy is a collection of 12 cognitive-domain assignments that serve as an excellent introduction to the world of fitness and training. Students need not possess any prior knowledge or experience.


Download Answer Key Here



  • 12 Total Assignments
  • 3 Sections of 4 Lessons/Assignments
  • Each Assignment takes roughtly 15-30 minutes


Lesson Format

Each lesson includes a written article, a summary video, and the accompanying assessment questions.

Our 12 assignments are broken out into 3 distinct sections, from an introduction to the mental & physical effects of fitness, down to the mechanics of foundational human movement. 


Why Fitness?

1. The Power of Physical Activity: Mental & Physical Benefits

2. Movement & Exercise


Fitness Concepts

3. Capacity (Aerobic & Anaerobic)

4. Strength & Strength Endurance

5. Stability & The Core

6. Mobility vs Flexibility

7. Training Terminology


Foundational Movements

8. The Squat

9. The Hinge

10. The Lunge

11. The Press

12. The Pull



Everyone! Grades 6-12. Anyone looking to get into fitness should begin with this fundamental program. 



No formal requisites, open to all students!



Students need internet access to view assignment content via PLT4M account.



Supplemental questions at the end of each chapter can be used to demonstrate knowledge of concepts.


2 replies

Where can I find the lessons?

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Hi @conniecarson - this program can be found in your PLT4M account right on the Programs tab. My screenshot below displays where you can find it. 

As a reminder: the account you used to post this question, is not actually your PLT4M account. You are currently logged into the PLT4M community separate platform.  To get to your PLT4M account, make sure you are going to and using your PLT4M login credentials.