Weight Training Roundup: A Review of Programs and Features

  • 8 September 2021
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Weight Training Roundup: A Review of Programs and Features
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With many schools regaining access to weight rooms, we thought we’d revisit all of the weight training programs and features available in PLT4M! This article includes a roundup of programs and features designed to help you deliver progressional, personalized weight training programs to your students and athletes. 


Prescribed Weights

how does PLT4M calculate students’ individual weights?

PLT4M’s advanced weight training programs provide individualized weights for each student, based on their current maxes. Once a students’ maxes are entered into PLT4M, their individual weights will be calculated for them utilizing percentages. This removes any guess work, so students know exactly how much they should be lifting, without referencing a conversion chart. Weights are prescribed for core lifts as well as accessory lifts. 


Max Testing

How are maxes established and logged in PLT4M?

In order for students to see their personalized weights, they must enter their max lifts into PLT4M. The PLT4M programs utilize 4 core lifts to prescribe weights: The Back Squat, Bench Press, Power Clean, and Deadlift. We recommend using the following programs to review proper form and technique, and capture student maxes:

Option 1:

Intro to Weight Training Part1 & Intro to Weight Training part 2

This is a formal introduction to the power and olympic lifts. This program is built for students who have a basic understanding of foundational human movements, and are ready for an introduction to barbell training. Students will be prompted to perform and record maxes in week 5 of each program. 

Option 2:

Athlete On-Ramp 

This program serves as an onboarding process for athletes. This program assumes the students has previously received a formal weight training education, and should be used as a refresher. Great for in between seasons, or after a hiatus from training. Students will be prompted to perform and record maxes in week 5 of this program. 

Option 3:

If you’ve already established maxes, or have your own way of collecting maxes, staff or students can record them directly into PLT4M. See here: How to enter maxes in PLT4M



When does PLT4M retest maxes? How does PLT4M keep maxes updated?

Worksets are a tool found in the PLT4M weight training programs, used to assess students maxes and automatically adjust them up or down in increments of 5 LBs, based on their performance. Through the use of worksets, students are continually operating off of a projected max, relative to their current strength, without having to retest. They also provide great incentive for students to train and log their workouts consistently. Learn more in What is a Workset?

*The Off Season Weight Training programs also incorporate a re-assessment of maxes halfway through the program. 


Student Weight Log

How can students keep track of their weights?

When weights are prescribed, students are prompted to indicate that they’ve completed the set by clicking “Done.”  If the student is unable to complete the sets at their prescribed weights, they have the option to edit their weight log via the exercise note. Any note made in the exercise log is viewable by the teacher or coach. Learn more in How can students log weights in a workout?


Weight Training Programs

Which programs incorporate percentages and worksets?

Percentages and worksets can be found in the following programs:

4-Day Off-Season Weight Training

3-Day Off-Season Weight Training

2 Day Off-Season Weight Training

In-Season Training

Personal Weight Training

Personal Fitness


Rack View

How can students share devices and maximize efficiency in the weight room?

Rack View is a feature in PLT4M which allows up to 5 students to access their personalized workout via 1 device. We recommend grouping students together based on similar max lifts. Learn more in Using Rack View.



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Thank you for the great review of all weight training programs and features. A good refresher for the start of the year!