PLT4M Foundational Movements

  • 19 October 2021
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PLT4M Foundational Movements
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At PLT4M, we believe in providing every student with a foundation of fitness upon which they can develop their personal fitness or performance training. To do this, we introduce the foundational human movement patterns, and cement proper mechanics before adding intensity or variation to the equation.

These are:

• The Squat • The Press • The Pull • The Hinge • The Lunge

With a strong foundation, we can expound upon our mastery of human movement by developing relative strength, mobility, and our performance capacity—in a variety of fitness categories.

These movement patterns are first introduced in PLT4M's Intro to Fitness: Part 1 Program, in their most basic form—performed with just our bodyweight. Through Intro to Fitness: Part 2, we expound upon our mastery of these movements, by introducing new variations and loaded objects. We'll continually revisit these movement patterns, and their variations, in subsequent programs. Having mastered the basics, students are well-positioned to continually develop their foundational movement patterns which appear in a variety of fitness and training paths.

This guide takes a closer look at the 5 foundational movements, how to execute them, and why they're important.


Download PDF here.








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