PLT4M Community Launch!

  • 8 September 2020
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Welcome to the PLT4M community! Here is a place we can grow together as teachers, coaches, administrators all in the pursuit of better! 

When you click on the help tab in your PLT4M Account, you will be brought to the PLT4M Community! Before anything, we encourage you to get signed up for your Community Account, by doing so you will be able to ask questions, receive important updates and have access to the full community!  Be sure to use the same email as the one you use for your PLT4M account. 



Once you are all set, take a look around and explore all of the different resources you have available to you!


Our Community:

Really the hub of our Community, we encourage you to come in and ask questions and leave your own responses, check out the latest news and announcements and even consider letting us know what you think of PLT4M and it’s parts! 

Once you are down watching this full video, go give it a shout by posting your response to our “Introduce Yourself” post. 



Our Knowledge Base: 

Here is where our PLT4M team has put together some important insights on everything from program overviews to how to best use PLT4M’s technology. There are lots of great help articles and resources here, but of course if you cannot find answer, don’t be afraid to go back and ask the community!


Check out an example of a knowledge base article here. PLT4M Programs Resource Page 


Upcoming Events And Community Resources:

Lastly, we are always looking to help provide a variety of resources for our community. Check out our blog, podcast, and future and past events! Here both PLT4M team members and teachers and coaches from across the country are contributing to the conversation around educational fitness and all it’s parts.


Need More Help?

Our hope is the community is relevant and helpful to our school communities across the country, but if you need a little personal help from someone here, don’t be afraid to still shoot us an email or give us a call at any time!





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