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  • 16 July 2021
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The Evolving Resource Library


The PLT4M Resource Library is where you can access all of PLT4M’s program and video content. In this video, Coach Max discusses how the PLT4M exercise videos have evolved over time:



“When we started shooting videos for PLT4M, we were focused on short form, what I like to call ‘quick hitter’ videos, which is short instruction, get after it. What we’ve been able to create in the past couple of years is a way more diverse and robust library of videos.
Yes, we still do our quick hitters, but now we do way more long-form programming, and we’ve been able to evolve throughout the years. And this is a result of not only my coaching skills evolving but PLT4M evolving as a group, and understanding that we can offer way more to our students.” – Coach Max Isaak 


What lives in the Resource Library?


The Programs tab is where you can find pre-packaged, progressional programs, meant to guide students through an entire workout or lesson. Think of the Resource Library as a place where you can access all of the individual content that lives in those programs, and then some. The Resource Library is exactly as it sounds—an additional resource for coaches and teachers to access for ad-hoc exercise content. See the example use cases, below!


Short form video example:

Use Case: Your students are struggling with their deadlift form. You’ve found this video in the resource library which emphasizes the importance of maintaining the lumbar curve while performing the deadlift. To reinforce proper deadlift form, you decide to show this video to your students either by projecting it in the weight room, or posting it on the newsfeed.


Long for video example:

Use Case: Your students have been following the YOG201: Yoga Flows program in PLT4M. Not every student in the class is capable of following along on their own devices. You decide to project the full length yoga lessons from the Resource Library. This way, you can hit play, and students can follow along for the full 30 minute lesson, uninterrupted.


How can I access the Resource Library?


  1. Navigate to your RESOURCES tab
  2. Utilize the category tags to narrow your search, or use the search box to search for any program content or exercise! 



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