What is Responsive View?

  • 26 October 2020
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Responsive View is a web design tool meant to optimize websites for smaller devices like phones and tablets. However, if your web browser is overly zoomed in, it may place your PLT4M website into Responsive View, making it harder to navigate. How will you know? 


Normal Web View:

Notice the sidebar navigating on the left hand side displaying all of your menu options such as Home, Users, Groups, Programs, etc. This means you are in the correct web view.



Responsive View:

Notice the “Hamburger” menu icon. This means you are in Responsive View and need to zoom out, or switch to a larger device.


How Do I Zoom Out?

On a Mac, hit (Command -). Or, on any computer, look in the header of the browser for a "Zoom" option. It varies based on browser, but should be available somewhere in the header options. 


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