Troubleshooting 101

  • 27 October 2020
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Below you’ll find resolutions to the most common hurdles customers face in PLT4M!


1.  Issues Logging Into PLT4M: 

If a student is seeing "Wrong Username/Password" due to incorrect credentials they’ll likely need to reset their password. → Here’s how to reset a password

This will send a password reset link to the email associated with that students PLT4M account. There are a few issues you may need to troubleshoot from here:


A) Email doesn't get delivered

Solution: Check Spam. If it is not in spam or inbox, confirm with IT if outside emails can be received. If not, IT would need to whitelist the Email domains shown in this article.


B) "Email not recognized" message when email is entered

Solution: This means the student likely created their PLT4M account using an incorrect email. Through your staff account, access the Users list to verify that the students email is entered correctly, and correct it if needed. See here for how to edit a students email in PLT4M.


C) Student has duplicate accounts

Sometimes, when students encounter login issues, they end up creating a second account using the Join Code to get back into the site—not realizing they’ve actually created a duplicate account for themselves. This will become an issue when viewing their log history, as they’ll have two accounts with two separate log histories. 

Solution: Through your staff account, access the Users list and search for the students name. If you find two accounts for this student, you’ll want to verify which account should be removed (typically the one with less of a log history). See here for how to delete a student account.

Once steps A, B, or C have been taken, instruct the student to attempt to reset their password once more following the Forgot Password steps.


2. Videos Not Playing

Why are videos showing as “Restricted”? 


All PLT4M demo videos are hosted on YouTube. If accessing PLT4M through a network that blocks YouTube, this will prevent PLT4M videos from playing. 

Solution → Add the PLT4M channel to the list of “Approved” YouTube Channels

PLT4M YouTube Channel Domain: 



3. Responsive View

Where did my menu go? | Why can’t I access the workout builder?


Responsive View is a web design tool meant to optimize websites for smaller devices like phones and tablets. However, if a web browser is overly zoomed in, it may place the PLT4M website into Responsive View, making it harder to navigate.

SolutionFind out what responsive view looks like and how to adjust it.


4. Account Settings for Data Input

Why can’t my students log test results?


The ability to enter test results into PLT4M as a student is controlled by an account setting. If your students are unable to record their test results through their Analytics dashboard, your account settings may need to be adjusted.

SolutionSee here for a list of account settings and how to configure them. 


5. Other Considerations

Always make sure you’re operating on the latest version of both your web browser and/or PLT4M App. This will ensure a fully functional experience of PLT4M. For a full list of supported devices and web browsers, see here.

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I have a student that is doing the program but not logged into my class.  How do I fix this?