What is a Workset?

  • 2 November 2020
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Worksets are a tool found in our weight based programs, used to assess athletes maxes and automatically adjust them up or down in increments of 5 LBs, based on their performance. This tool can save you time from having to constantly update maxes, and is a great way to engage athletes and provide a weekly "incentive".

Shown below is how worksets will appear within a students workouts. These are stand alone sets, meaning students and athletes should complete all sets listed above prior to the workset. In the example below, there are 5 sets and 1 workset, for a total of 6 sets. Once they have performed the weight and reps prescribed, they will hit "Log Workset" 


Logging the Result

Using the slide bar, kids can enter the number of reps they were able to perform. 



Automated Max Adjustments

Based on the result, and the rules set in place by PLT4M (or you if you built your own program), the max will auto-update and show kids a corresponding message:

Great Job: We've Increased your max 5 LBs

Almost: We're going to keep your max where it is at for another week

Don't Sweat it! We are going to take one step back to take two forward. Your max has been adjusted down 5 LBs, but don't worry, you'll have plenty of chances to go back up in future weeks. 



Where will I find Worksets?

Worksets are built into the PLT4M weight training programs such as FIT301a: Personal Weight Training, ATH311a: In Season Weight Training, ATH311b: 4-Day Off Season Weight Training, and ATH311c: 3-Day Off Season Weight Training.


Which Maxes are Worksets tied to?

Since our weight training programs derive percentages from the Squat, Bench, and Clean Max, these are the same maxes that are in turn assessed and automatically adjusted throughout the program via Worksets. 



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