Resources idea for muscles/muscle groups and exercises

I have a new resource idea for helping students learn muscles and the exercises for working those specific muscles/muscle groups. Can PLT4M produce a resource (or document?) that has a list of the muscles and then links to your PLT4M videos? This would help my students in several ways, including being able to design a workout and reviewing muscles/exercises for knowledge assessments.

Or in the Resources tab would you could tag videos by muscle groups (could be more general than specific b/c of many muscles that would create - such as ‘upper body’ - ‘lower body’ - combination - compound, etc.)… but that is a perhaps a reference learning document is best. 

I had started a draft outline at one point and can send you the template. I put a screenshot below of some of it. I wonder if PLT4M already has something like this or can create something like this? My program would find it very beneficial! 


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