Question/Idea: Will PLT4M consider offering a short mini course/module on Pilates Fitness? 

I am thankful for how PLT4M has supported my curriculum and fitness education programming. In addition to women’s strength training, I also teach a women’s Dance-Yoga Fitness class. PLT4M’s latest offering of both Yoga and Dance has been a great resource for this. I could see the benefit of having a small Pilates program to compliment the dance and yoga programming. 

Hi @jessica_shawley!

I am happy to let you know that we are midway into production of a new Pilates course! We hope to have it available sometime in March/April!




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Great to hear!! Can’t wait!

Thank you for listening to the needs of your customers. We just started a new semester and are getting students logged in to PLT4M this week. Looking forward to another great term using PLT4M in our Weight Training, Personal Fitness, Dance and Yoga classes!


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