On going leaderboard

Has there been any discussion about an all time leaderboard.  What I am asking is if there is a way to keep a top ten list after students lose there accounts and are not longer active.  I would also like to add older students/athletes that were in our classes before we were using PLT4M.  Once again just a thought.  


Thank you 


David Stoddard 

Hi @Shocker Jack,


If you expand a leaderboard to full screen view, it will display the top 3 all time leaders. This may include students whose accounts have been removed. 


A student does have to have had an account (at some point) in order to be considered an all time leader on a leaderboard. 


Great suggestions! Hope this helps. 

Thank you Jackie for the help!

Once more question, Is there a way to add previous students before we started using PLT4M? 

@Shocker Jack Technically, you could add those students, then enter their numbers so that they appear on the leaderboards, and then delete the students. They will disappear from the main leaderboard, but they will remain on the all-time leaders section.