Modifications for students in wheelchairs

I have a student who is in a wheelchair. Any thoughts of including modifications in the programs for students with disabilities? 

Hi @GretchenGetz

It is certainly something that has been asked before and that we would love to offer. As the ability to develop such a program requires a certain knowledge base and skill set, we are looking for aqualified and licensed professional who may be able to help us. We would love to find someone and have something in place for next school year, but that is dependent on our ability to find the right coach!



Thanks, Alex! PLT4M has been the best resource for our PE program!

Awesome to hear!!

Programs and videos designed around mostly band resistance routines may be beneficial for someone who is in a wheelchair. Also, I know that many HS students are virtual now. Resistance bands are an affordable alternative or classes to send home to virtual studetns. Even just a simple set of 2-4 bands would provide a great addition to the workouts.

Absolutely @Coachw96 ! We are actively exploring if this is something we could build out and offer in an Adaptive PE program next year!

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Are there any updates on programs for those with disabilities?

Hi @Coach Price! My name is Doug Curtin, I am the Director of Content here at PLT4M.

We are currently in the process of forming a partnership with an organization that will help provide resources and materials for this. Hopefully we will have more news on this shortly.

In full transparency, the first steps in this partnership will not result in full blown programs for students with disabilities. Rather, it will be resources and professionals that can assist in evaluating and delivering the appropriate lessons and materials to students with disabilities. The goal here is to better individualize the solutions, knowing that each teacher that comes with this question is looking for something specific to the student or students they are working with. 

As we do progress in this field and take these initial steps, we are going to be looking at what videos, resources, or programs can be created to better serve teachers and students with this work. Do you mind either sharing what it is you might be looking for in terms of programming here? Or if more appropriate, please feel free to shoot me an email directly at Any more information you have on what it is would be helpful/looking for would be really helpful to us. 


Thanks so much. 



Hi @GretchenGetz @Coachw96 and @Coach Price ! 


Hopefully you already saw this come through your email, but we recently partnered with Lakeshore Foundational & NCHPAD to provide a resource for teachers working with students with disabilities. You can learn more about the partnership HERE, as well as what resources that are available to you!