Intro to the Weight Room & Weight Room Safety Lesson

I would love to see an Intro to Weight Room & Weight Room Safety lesson that covers the basics of weight room (example topics: weight room equipment names, parts of the rack, etiquette, safety, care and cleaning, racking and un-racking weight, maybe even spotter safety basics) so that this can be assigned to students at the start of the year and students must complete it in order to show their readiness to be in the weight room. 

Safety and care is an imperative topic and being able to track and document students have completed this lesson would be huge. We could also use it for those who miss the first few days (they could go back and review it on their own and then check back in) and/or as a re-fresher for those who need.

Maybe even a safety quiz that follows the end of this safety unit?

*if PLT4M already has this and I’ve missed it, my apologies.


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