Sport specific programs

  • 6 October 2020
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Do you or can you develop sport specific programs?

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Hey Coach,

Great question! Here at PLT4M, we do not ascribe directly to the “sport-specific” pedagogy of training high school athletes. To us, we are dealing with novice trainees that need (and will see the greatest results from) a complete education and foundation of holistic training. On top of that, we are working with multi-sport athletes a vast majority of the time. So, our goal is to develop complete athletes whenever we are in the gym, from the ground up - and make no mistake, performance enhancement is still the outcome!

See our basic philosophy on that here:

And a looser discussion on the topic here:

Additionally, given your Football Coaching role, I thought these may be of interest to you as well. They should give you a better sense for how our training programs make sense for football, specifically:

PLT4M Guide to Football In-Season Training

PLT4M Guide to Football Off-Season Training

Even at the elite-level, most athletic S&C programs share 85-95% of what they do across all sporting endeavors. The remaining piece is differentiated by sport-specific injury prevention work (needed when athletes compete in one or two movement patterns/planes/etc, year-round), and then targeted competition-relevant conditioning.

All that being said, if you have elements you feel are missing from our bedrock athletic development programs, you can certainly tweak to add/adjust that 10% within your team’s own training!

Lastly - we are ALWAYS willing to talk shop and dive into more detail. If you have specific questions, what/why/how - of anything we do, or thoughts on what you might add...just let us know!