• 18 November 2021
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I am struggling creating a report that will print my students flying 10 times. I get a short list of  10’s on the intitial page. But when I print the class out, their times are not listed. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.


Also, can I print an attnendance report without having to add a workout? I would just like to know what students are doing what workout, and when they are logged in, how long they are working.


I liked the old report tab better. ) :

1 reply

Hi @im4rill !

Sorry for issue! We have noticed some one-off instances of a particular report not loading. I open ticket #10233 with our Tech team so they can investigate the issue further. 


As for Attendance, Participation Reports do require program selection (you can multi-select) just to limit the size of the data pull the system has to run. 


However, the Activity tab can be used for a daily, weekly, or monthly, view of who worked out, for how long, and with what program. Have you explored the Activity tab for this yet?