Not being able to create new racks today?

  • 12 October 2022
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My classes are having troubles with creating new racks today in classes.  Racks are there for groups that made them yesterday but they are not working to add more to the rack. Is this on our school end or your end?

2 replies

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@Shocker Jack Hey Coach! We received a few other reports like this, so we investigated this yesterday afternoon. Our server was not handling site traffic as expected, causing Rack View to malfunction. We have since rebooted the server, and Rack View functionality appears to be restored. In the future, you can report any potential bugs or issues to as we’ll be able to address the issue faster! 

Thank you for getting back to me about this.  I am sorry for asking the question here and I found the support icon at the bottom of the page after I asked it here. Thanks again for the response though!


David Stoddard