Hip-Centric Static Stretch Routine Video needs to be updated with in PLT4M Resources page.

  • 15 September 2022
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I see that the video’s name was updated to Hip-Centric Static Stretch Routine from Static Stretch: Hip Routine. I checked on You tube and when I copy the Static hip routine the Hip centric video comes up.  They are both the same video but different names.  I have the Static hip routine in a workout and the video wont upload for my students.  I went in to resouces tab and the new hip centric static routine is not there. 


Thank you


David Stoddard

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Hi @Shocker Jack,


We have not made any changes to the static stretch: hip routine exercise or video. Sometimes the way the video is labeled in youtube vs. the resource library don’t match exactly, as is the case here. I’m not sure which “new” hip centric static routine you are referring, since this one has been available for quite some time. 


I also checked on your workout builder, and it appears you’ve added the static stretch: hip routine exercise correctly, with the video attached.


I’m wondering if you’re in fact experiencing an issue playing the video, rather than an issue with the exercise itself. Can you email and elaborate on what happens when your students try to play that video?