Favorite Follow-Along workouts?

  • 11 February 2022
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Brand new to PLT4M and I’ve been spending loads of time navigating the site to get a better picture of all there is to it---it’s a bit overwhelming!  

As we are back to in-person learning I am curious as to what you and your students favorite follow along workouts have been?  



2 replies

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Hi @HeidiAberi !


If you are looking for “follow-along” style progressional programs, check these out: 

  • Intro to Fitness parts 1 & 2
  • Dance Fitness
  • Intro to Yoga & Yoga Flows
  • Fitness Anywhere

If you are looking for ad-hoc workouts that are formatted as “follow along” style, navigate to the Resource tab, and click on the “Follow Along” category. Here, you’ll find all of our “follow-along” content. Including:

  • Breath - 5 minute breathing practices
  • Pick A Side - 5 minutes of movement, game-style
  • Run - 5 minute agility practice
  • Flow - short form yoga practices
  • Mindful - short form mindfulness practice 
  • Move - Move with Max - short form movement practice
  • Dance Fitness - 30 minute follow along dance routines
  • Intro to Yoga/Intro Yoga Flow/Yoga Flow - 30 minute, unparsed yoga lessons
  • Intro to Pilates - 20 minute, unparsed Pilates lessons
  • ReadyFit - 20 minutes, Full workout warm up & prep

Keep in mind: Programs can be assigned or projected. Content found in the Resources tab, can be projected. 

Going to tag some other teachers to weigh in here: @kcavallo @tugglew @ExerciseE3 @P3Collins - what are your favorite follow-along style workouts?

Hi @HeidiAberi and @Jackie,

Our Physical Education classes have benefited greatly from the variety of structured and personalized workout programs that PLT4M offers. Upon implementation, our students have developed confidence to master the basics and have gained a greater awareness and understanding on how to complete each fundamental human movement with proper mechanics.

In addition to the strength programs, we also like to incorporate the following follow-along style workouts as a complimentary piece in order to provide a balance within each area of personal fitness:

  • Stretching Routines
  • Intro to Flexibility
  • Yoga Flows

Each of the workouts from these follow-along style programs have really enhanced our ability to maximize the lack of physical space that we currently have for Physical Education purposes. I do have individual classes where large group activities are manageable in one gym space, but we knew that our co-taught/combo classes of approximately 60 students would be challenging.

Within our school building, we would normally have the gymnasium as well as a multi-use facility. Unfortunately, the multi-use facility space has been adapted into an extension of the cafeteria for physical distancing purposes. In addition to the loss of that space, our fitness facility is also not always accessible with our winters in the northeast because the weight room is in a separate building that requires a walk through the campus’ athletic fields where there is no cleared pathway when snow and ice are on the ground.

I hope this helps and best of luck!

Thank you,

Dylan Larkin