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  • 19 February 2021
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Is it possible to create a workout and have students enter how much weight they lifted in order to create a log, so they know how much to lift next time?  Then they can see if they are improving.  


Example: DB Curl 3x10

Day 1

Set 1- 20#

Set 2- 20#

Set 3- 20#


Day 2

Set 1- 30#

Set 2- 30#

Set 3- 30#





2 replies

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Great question, @morwood ! Currently, the best way to achieve this, is for students to use the note feature. See how the note feature works.  In your example, the student would log a note including the sets and weights they used. The note then attaches to the “DB Curl” exercise, so the next time the DB Curl is programmed, they can reference their previous note, and update it. 


Our product team is also working on a feature that prompts students to input weights used, when the reps and weights are not prescribed for a movement. This feature would provide a template for the students to easily input the weights they used, for reference the next time they encounter that movement. I’ve created this as an Idea Here on our Idea board to accumulate votes and receive higher priority from our tech team! Feel free to give it a vote!

Hi @morwood

I wanted to let you know that we have released the update you asked for 5 months back! Check it out here!